Terms of Service

Cancellation & Refund Policy

At My Driver Tasmania, we understand that sometimes things don't go to plan. That's why we have built a cancellation policy that is fair to all involved. If we have taken payment for any of our services, such as a deposit, a full or partial refund will be returned to you provided that the following conditions are met. Depending on the type of transfer, a minimum amount of time between the cancellation date and the transfer date may apply.


For all of our services except for weddings, our cancellation policy is as follows.

Transfers equal to, or under the value of $200 will not be charged for with a minimum of two hours notice. Otherwise, a 100% cancellation fee may be charged.

Transfers between the value of $201 and $500 will not be charged for with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Otherwise, a 50% cancellation fee may be charged.

Transfers equal to, or over the value of $501 will not be charged for with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Otherwise, a 50% cancellation fee may be charged.

For services related to weddings, such as wedding transfers or wedding car hire, we require full payment upfront at least 14 days before the wedding date. Unfortunately due to the popularity of these time slots, we require at 14 days notice for a full refund, or 7 days notice for a 50% refund.

Child Seat Policy

In Australia, it is against the law to travel in a vehicle with a child under the age of eight that is not properly secured in an appropriate child seat. We have all types of child seats available for hire being rearward and forward facing child seats, as well as booster seats. Please be aware that we may quote a surcharge of $15 per child seat. This is to recoup the cost of the child seat as well as its installation time.

Luggage Policy

Each of our vehicle classes has a maximum amount of luggage that will fit inside the vehicle boot/trunk. It is important you check the diagram which tells you how much luggage each vehicle class can take before making your booking, as you may have to change classes depending on how much luggage you have. If for any reason you have too much luggage on the day, you may have to make other arrangements for the luggage or pay a fee to upgrade to a larger vehicle. If you decided to cancel your transfer due to the excess luggage, our 'No Show' policy fee may apply.

No Show Policy

If for any reason, you or your client does not show up for one our services, or you fail to inform us beforehand, a 'No Show' fee may be charged. This fee will consist of any waiting time (see below) as well as the original agreed price of the service. Our driver will wait up to 30 minutes from the agreed pickup time. In that time, our driver will endeavour to get in contact with the passenger by using any of the contact information provided or required by us.

Waiting Time Policy

We also have created a waiting time policy which is designed to be fair for all involved. Waiting time applies to all transfers with slight differences between some of them. We charge $1.50/min for all of our services. Please see below for an explanation on how our waiting time policy works.

For all services except for weddings and pickups from the airport, we include a complimentary, 15 minutes waiting time. This complimentary waiting time only applies before the commencement of the service and cannot be used during. Additional waiting time will be charged at our waiting time policy rate.

For pickups from the airport, we understand that collecting luggage and issues with aircraft can cause delays. For these reasons alone, we will not charge waiting time.

For 'Weddings' have a slightly different policy. We understand that things can go wrong at the last minute for weddings so we provide additional complimentary waiting time for weddings to the tune of 30 minutes. Once again, this waiting time only applies before the commencement of the service and cannot be used during.