Special Events

Another popular service we offer is luxury transfers to and from special events. Using our pre-booked transfer service, we take the stress out of getting to and/or from your favourite sporting arena, concert halls or any other entertainment venue.


One such sporting arena is the Bellerive Oval, our most popular sporting venue in Hobart. Due to the fact that this venue is surrounded by residential housing, it can be difficult to get to and from this venue. However, using our services will eliminate this by having access to kerbside pickups right outside the gate and dedicated exit roads out of the area.

By using our services for transfers to and/or from these events, we can arrange pickups and drop offs to the front door of these venues.

We also specialise in luxury transfers for the performers of such events. Such as musicians, artists and athletes. Our services will give you a discreet yet truly VIP experience to and/or from these venues. Our Business Class MPVs are perfect for situations like this as these vehicles have privacy glass to keep out prying eyes. Our vehicles can also be on standby during the entirety of the event.